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Weddings On The Water Key West Caters Beach & Boat Weddings Too

We can provide anything from appetizers to a cheese burger in paradise theme, to a full formal dinner. We offer private and non private charters what ever you might need. These prices are well below local caterers and our food is cooked fresh onboard in our state of the art galley.

Scroll down for a complete list of menu options.
For any questions please call our friendly Key West Wedding local staff at (305)-296-2554 or email us at

Key West Wedding Catering Menu Options
(Buffet Style Dining/Priced Per Person)

Main Courses


Chicken Breast Sandwich                          $13

Grilled marinated 6 ounce fillet served on a roll

Chicken Breast                                          $13

Island Marinated with pineapple, soy sauce and spices

Chicken Kabob                                          $13

Grilled chicken marinated in a Mojo sauce, surrounded in red peppers, onions, mushrooms and Island fruit

Chicken Roquefort Veronique                 $18

Grilled Chicken breast in a Roquefort cheese sauce, white grape sauce served with island black beans


Beef Hamburger                                       $12

1/3 pound charbroiled and served with cheese, pickles, lettuce, onions, tomatoes on a sesame seed bun


Sirloin Skirt Steak                                     $18

Marinated in Mango and grilled with cashews

Steak Kabob                                              $14

Grilled tender steak in between mushrooms, red and green peppers, cherry tomatoes and onions


Filet Mignon                                            $26

6 ounce Certified Black Angus select center cut charbroiled and served with béarnaise sauce


Bahamian Ginger Beef                             $18

Sweet sherry and Pineapple Marinade over Fusilli pasta


Island Fried Fish                                       $18

Served with tarter and Key West lime sauce


Mahi Mahi                                                $18

Mojo citrus infused, grilled to perfection


Yellow Tail Snapper                                  $20

A local favorite, grilled and served with tarter and lemon wedges


Black Grouper                                          $24

Grilled in 14 island spices and pineapple salsa


Fish Sandwich                                           $18

Catch of the day, Golden fried served with tarter sauce and lemon wedge


Grilled Pork Tenderloin                            $16

Served in a Blackberry wine sauce


BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich                      $12

Tangy BBQ sauce served on a fresh baked Kaiser roll


Grill Pork Tenderloin                                $14

Topped with a Apple Mint sauce

Caribbean Pulled Pork                              $12

Traditional Cuban pork marinated in citrus juices and Caribbean spices


Penna Pasta, Vodka Tomato sauce            $12


Key West Fresh Lobster, Markey Price


Key West Stone Crab, Market Price


Vegetarian dishes prepared by request. Call for Information


All prices based on availability and the season

We pride ourselves in providing the perfect meal for your special day.  





Hot Selections (Party Cat Only)

Swedish Parmesan Meatballs                   $8

Choice of: sweet & sour or Swedish sauces


Sliced Grilled Kielbasa                             $8

(1/4 lb. per person) with spicy mustard sauce with ranch dipping sauce

Jalapeños Poppers                                   $8

(4 per person)

Chicken Wings                                         $12

With blue cheese and celery sticks (6 per person) Blue Ribbon Award Winning Sauces, Hot, Mild, BBQ


Chicken Nuggets                                     $8

(6 per person) Honey Mustard and BBQ Sauce


Western Fries, served with ketchup        $6


Conch Fritters                                         $15

(4 per person) Bahamian Conch served with Cocktail Sauce and Lemon Wedges



Grilled Sea Scallops (Market Price)       

(4 per person) wrapped in Bacon and Seared to Perfection


Mini Crab Cakes                                      $14

(4 per person) Maryland Crab with Habanera Tartar Sauce

Cold Selections

Ice Cold Shrimp Cocktail (Market Price)           

Served with cocktail sauce and lemon slices (1/4 lb per person / 5 shrimp)


Fresh Island Pepper Salsa and Chips     $40

for 15 people.


Assorted Cheese and Cracker               $60

Trays for 15 people Seasonal assorted.


Veggie Tray                                            $60

For 15 people Buttermilk Ranch dressing Seasonal.


Fresh Fruit Bowl                                    $60

For 15 people Banana, Mango, Pineapple, Mandarin oranges and Grapes.


Waldorf Salad                                          $8

Caesar Salad                                            $8

Mixed Greens                                          $8

with Mango Pineapple Vinaigrette

Potato Salad                                            $5

Macaroni salad                                         $5

Cole Slaw                                                 $5


Black Beans                                             $4 

White Rice                                               $4

Rice Pilaf                                                 $4

Caribbean Spiced Rice                            $5

Cuban Bread w/butter                             $3

Dinner rolls w/butter                               $3

French cut Green Beans                         $3

in Butter Sauce

Mixed Vegetable Medley                         $4

Asparagus                                                 $3

Cinnamon Apple Sauce                            $3

Plantains                                                   $3


Feather Light Tiramisu                               $8

Old Fashioned Cheese Cake                     $8

Key Lime Pie                                              $8

Coffee Gourmet House Coffee                $3

The food and staff were perfect. We didn't have to worry about one thing

Remy & Roy
Key West Wedding Catering
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